Art With Love Logo


The Art with Love Foundation was created to teach and promote the Renaissance style of painting. The foundation focuses on the arts that are no longer financially viable to learn, teach or produce.

The foundation provides the philanthropic patronage they need in order to survive. The foundation aims to nurture a rebirth in art created with love to ensure its survival into the future. The foundation aims to encourage, foster and protect the arts community around the world. The foundation offers free art classes that are available to anyone, regardless of means; in any style, medium or location, but in particular, painting.


1. Providing free art classes in Brisbane and Florence

2. Providing all materials including brushes, paints, canvases and tuition free of charge

3. Providing a safe community space for all artists of different fields

4. Providing a safe community space available to all to practice their art, learn, interact and feel a part of a greater purpose

5. Fostering the technical and creative skills of all artists of all ages and abilities