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‘Paint Like Botticelli’: free workshop

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June (10-14) a workshop dedicated to oil painting techniques.

Two days of free workshop dedicated to the master Sandro Botticelli, to learn the techniques of oil painting. Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June (10-14) in the Florentine studio of Art With Love (via del Palazzo Bruciato 14,) a free course, held in Italian and English, in which you can deepen the techniques of oil painting.

The teachers are Stephen Ninnes, founder and owner of Art With Love and painter and art lover, together with Alessandra Camera, artist, painter and reference teacher of the studio in Florence.

During the course the techniques of oil painting will be illustrated and taught and everyone will work on their own painting, to create their own work.

The necessary materials (canvases, paints, brushes) are included and provided to the participants by the study.

The course is free and open to all: booking is required for organizational reasons by


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