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Philosophy of Art: how to paint like Da Vinci

This is not a normal type of art class but instead more about philosophy before you can even start to paint.

‘Paint Like Botticelli’: free workshop in Florence

Two immersive days in the Florence studio to learn about and experiment with oil painting techniques.

Last class in Brisbane studio

From the Brisbane studio the last colorful January class!

#NOVITA# disegno dal vivo: studio dei dettagli

Dal volto, alle mani, ai particolari questa classe sarà utile per approfondire la tecnica del disegno dal vivo.

Painting workshops dedicated to school classes

Our studio in Florence is open to host school classes who want to approach to the world of art and painting

Introduction to painting for children

Introduction to painting for children with acrylic colours

Paint Like Botticelli: from ‘Mars and Venus’

We worked on the face of ‘Mars’ taken from Botticelli’s painting ‘Venus and Mars’.

Live Painting: live drawing with model

Live drawing with a model: every week in Florence on Saturday afternoon